April 27, 2010

Incredible pistachio chocolate!

Talk about a winning combination---the saltiness of the pistachios sprinkled over the chocolate coating and the dark chocolate cake inside was incredible.

More please!


dogtreatlady said...

My family and I have placed several orders with "The Cake Pop Lady" and will continue as long as she is baking! We have ordered for Easter, children's birthday parties and even as dessert for dinner parties. Lets just say that not only did they become this HUGE HIT....i had people hugging me and thanking me for introducing them to the "Cake Pop" world... asking if she ships them...and even had phone calls the next day asking if we had any leftover! Thanks again Lynn!

the Cakepop lady said...

thank you so very much!

dogtreatlady said...

psstt....we have tried every flavor and could honestly recommend them all!!!